Jaguar in red in front of airport terminal.



Jaguar cars are built on our state-of-the-art production lines at Castle Bromwich. It’s a place of awe-inspiring craftsmanship, where hundreds of high-tech robots and multi-million-dollar machines operate in perfect synchronization alongside thousands of highly skilled workers. And it’s up to Grant McPherson, Director of Operations, to make sure each car is perfect.

“Jaguar has always stood for engineering excellence and beautiful design,” says McPherson. “Our role is to deliver the team's design intention, every time with every car. It’s our job to achieve a strict specification and, for me, quality is the ability to repeatedly achieve that specification. It’s that attention to detail that we instill here. We’re building luxury cars.”

End-to-End Quality

In practical terms, this attention to detail means that every car is constantly scrutinized as it makes its journey through the plant. During the production of each XJ sedan, for example, from its beginning as a sheet of aluminum to the moment it rolls off the final assembly line as a luxury vehicle, it will undergo thousands of precision process and quality checks. On the rare occasion a car is not perfect at the end of a process, it does not continue until the problem has been remedied, checked, double-checked and deemed perfect.

“It’s all about keeping everybody totally focused on what it is that we’re doing here. We’re building premium cars,” says McPherson. “We’re building Jaguar cars.”

At the end of the process, dedicated inspectors then pore over every car, ensuring everything works, that there is no damage, and that each car has been built to a Jaguar level of excellence.